Hvad skal du kigge efter, når du køber træbriketter

What kind of wood briquettes for wood stove.

What to look for when buying wood briquettes. Wood briquettes have gained increasing popularity in recent years. More and more stove owners may find themselves using them either as a supplement or alternative to ordinary firewood. However, it is far from all wood briquettes that are created equal, so here are some good tips that you can follow when you go out and buy wood briquettes.

Composition and additives.

Wood briquettes can be made of many different types of biomaterial ranging from hardwood, softwood, wood waste, straw, peat etc. However, many standard wood briquettes are made from a combination of sawdust, wood shavings and bark. It doesn’t matter much that it’s recycled wood. As long as the materials used do not contain residues of glue, paint or binders, all of which can emit unpleasant and foul-smelling fumes when burned. In general, you should avoid briquettes with added non-natural substances such as glue, as this is a sign of a lower quality. High-quality wood briquettes are held together by the natural fabric equation, which is released from the wood during production. Depending on the purpose of the wood briquettes, you can also invest in Rondo briquettes, which are specially developed to have a higher density than traditional briquettes, and thus have a longer fire time.  

Brand value.

A good comparison factor when choosing between several different wood briquettes is their brand value. The higher the brand value, the fewer briquettes you need to fire up over time. Good wood briquettes typically have a fire value of 4,200 Kcal/kg or more.  

Moisture content.

Wood briquettes should generally have a moisture content of less than 10% and most high-quality wood briquettes are dried as low as 6%. In comparison, normal firewood typically has a moisture content of around 18-20% when fired. In general, the drier the briquettes, the better they are at producing heat. However, dry but poorly compacted briquettes can burn too quickly and thus have a worse burn. Than the tightly compressed briquettes with a slightly higher degree of humidity. Optimally, the briquettes should be as dry and tightly compacted as possible.  

Ash content.

The ash content of the wood briquettes is an indication of the amount of ash left after combustion, and thus what is left in the ash drawer for you to dispose of. The ash percentage should preferably be as low as possible, as increased ash formation is often an indication of impurities in the wood briquette. Briquettes of good quality should have an ash content of less than 0.5% Quality wood briquettes are sold at Roskilde Brændesalg. Roskilde Brændesalg can be contacted by mail: gert@rbsalg.dk or by phone 40 63 73 34


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